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About Us

Founded in 1985, Neal Excavating provides many excavating services including, but not limited to septic systems, septic pumping, line jetting, site work, dump truck services, and utility installation for the Montgomery County and surrounding areas.  We strive to build a reputable business serving our family, friends, and customers.

Kevin Neal in Case Backhoe digging a Presby septic system
Our Goals


Neal Excavating's reputation depends on customer satisfaction. Through the years we have helped thousands of customers get the job done with whatever services they require.  


We are a small family owned company. While we are busy, we do our best to remain in contact with everyone.  It is our goal to help as many customers as possible while still maintaining a happy and healthy family life. 

Neal Excavating's employees after a job in front of Dodge ram work truck
Company History


In 1984, Kenny Neal gave up his favorite car, a 1968 AMC AMX, to buy his first backhoe to start his own business.  He then built enough business to leave his 19 year job at Indiana Gas Company (now Vectren) to take on Neal Excavating full-time.  In those young years, he quickly grew a customer base with his charming, caring personality which led to success.


Through the years, Kenny has made contact with many different people and helped them with any problems they had.  He taught his son, Kevin Neal, most of what he knew from experience and skill.  Kevin grew up working around the machinery and helping his dad with the business.

In 2012, Kenny passed away and Kevin has took over the responsibilities of running the excavating business.  He runs the business in memory of his late father and to help those in need of excavating services, carrying on the legacy.

While Neal Excavating was originally founded in 1984 by Kenny Neal, it was restructured as Neal Excavating LLC when Kevin Neal took ownership in 2012.

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