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                                         Septic Systems


We are certified by IOWPA to install any septic system in the state of Indiana. We are also Presby Certified. In 2016, we began offering finish grade site leveling after a septic system. 

an IOWPA certified chamber septic system installed in Montgomery County, Indiana using Infiltrator low profile septic chambers
Chamber Systems


     A cost effective solution for a leach field, given proper soil conditions.


A presby septic system installed with Presby environmental pipes and a sand bed

Presby Systems are a more environmentally friendly option. Depending on soils and size restraints, this system might also be required.

Presby Systems


a sand mount system with a septic tank, a pumping chamber, distribution field with laterals and sand fill. Showing topsoil and slowly permeable layer
Sand Mound System


A system designed if suitable soils lack depth and an impermeable layer exists below. Not as common in West Central Indiana as the Chamber and Presby System.
Final grade, smooth flat yard after septic system installation meeting established grass, using a Harley Rake and skidsteer
Site Leveling


Normally, a septic system is back-filled and left to settle naturally. This can sometimes lead to unsightly dips and hills. We now offer final grade finish for our customers.
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